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Get Your Custom Book Vending Machine Shipped Anywhere in the US!

Global Vending Group received recognition locally near our home base of Buffalo NY a few months back for providing an elementary school with a Book Vending Machine. With the help of the school’s administration, we came up with a concept that enables students of the school to use specially designed coins to vend their favorite book. Book vending machines are sure to make a splash nationally, as schools around the country have shown interest in finding a place to purchase a book vending machine. We can create a custom book vending machine and ship anywhere in the US! Here are just a few reasons why your school should look into the glory of book vending machines

School Morale

We’ve already seen the magic that comes with the spectacle of bringing in a book vending machine. The school staff, students, and community all come together to celebrate. The goal of creating book vending machines for schools has and always will be to create a way to help reinforce the value of reading. What we found is the reward that comes with providing a unique tool, and how it brought unity to the school, and raised the overall morale of the whole community.


When you purchase a book vending machine from Global Vending Group, you can have something that is truly one of a kind. We can wrap your machine with custom designs, or with our Inchy the Bookworm design. Raise a little school spirit with your own logo and branding, or let the kids fall in love with the idea of Inchy the Bookworm along with his Magic Custom coins!

Rewarding Good Behavior/Work

You can allow anyone to have access to their favorite book, with the use of a special coin. We provide you with 100 of the coins, that you can distribute as your school sees fit. You can come up with your own unique idea as to how students can acquire their magic token, but what makes a better reward than a magic token? Students who perform well academically, or that have great behavior, or maybe even perfect attendance are a few ideas for the privilege of using the book vending machine.

Kids Love Vending Machines

Kids today are different than they’ve ever been. With the level of technology we work with today, kids are practically more in tune with devices than we are as adults. Kids still need the value of books and reading. There is something about reading a book that will never lose its value. And let’s be honest, have you ever seen a kid who doesn’t like using a vending machine? For them, it’s practically like playing The Claw. Kids will love using their special token and making the selection of their favorite book!

For more information on our book vending machines, we encourage you to give us a call! You can also fill out our contact form and we can reach out to you. We base in the northeast, but we are able to ship anywhere in the US, and some international countries. Please let us know if you have any questions about how the machines work, what you can get designed on the machine, or pricing. You’re going to want to get one of these soon, as we’ve already seen them popping up in libraris all over the country!

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