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Experience Inchy's PBIS Rewards System


Inchy the Bookworm Library Book Vending Machine

Have you ever heard of a book vending machine? The Global Vending Group’s Inchy the Bookworm Vending Machines have been making quite the impact on schools across the country. Anytime a new book vending machine is installed the local news stations are all over it. You might be asking yourself, Why all this publicity for just a vending machine? Well, it is more than just a vending machine that dispenses books. It works as a perfect PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) reward system for any school looking to adopt a program of their own. 

There are over 20,000 schools nationwide in 44 states currently implementing school-wide PBIS programs. With Inchy the Bookworm’s PBIS system, students are rewarded one of kind tokens which they use at the machine to choose a book of their choice. The school faculty rewards students with tokens for following the guidelines of their PBIS reward system. You can even implement your own reward system with this Book Vending Machine. The options are endless and the results show just how successful schools have been with using a PBIS program.  


Here is what some of our Inchy All-Stars have to say about their Book Vending Machine

Sara Wright

5th Grade Teacher

“Students and staff have loved having the book machine at school. We have had it for a little over a year now. All staff are encouraged to give away at least one book a week. Students really look forward to getting a new book and seeing what books are available in the machine. It is in our school office where all staff and students can see.


Frankie Arata

Elementary School Librarian

"We absolutely LOVE our vending machine and the Global Vending Group is incredible! OAK Chan was one of the first elementary schools in CA to get a bookworm machine. We were featured in news and print articles that could be linked to your interview. The machine has been a HUGE success with the school’s Positive Behavior Program. Kat Bahry, principal of Oak Chan Elementary calls it ‘Kindness Catchers’. A student from each class is nominated weekly ensuring that each student earns a gold coin throughout the school year."